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Declaration of solidarity with the Sheikh al-Nimr in 19 countries

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Declaration of solidarity with the Sheikh al-Nimr in 19 countries


After more than three years after the arrest of Sheikh Nimr and After 9 months of the death penalty as well as against them, A group of activists from different countries as a sign of solidarity with Sheikh told the gathering that The first will begin in August this year.

Accumulation of these 19 countries, including France, England, America, Canada, Saudi Arabia and other countries to be held and The aim of the efforts for the immediate release of Sheikh Nimr and his sentencing is canceled.

Campaign rally titled "Sheikh al-Nimr is in danger", in front of Saudi embassies in different countries will be formed.

A person close to Sheikh al-Nimr said:

Sheikh in the coming days an operation on his leg as a result of the chase and shoot at police was shot, will do ،This surgery is done Alhayr political prisoners.

Sheikh al-Nimr in October last year in criminal court in Saudi Arabia sentenced to death in unfair trials But despite the protest of the people and institutions, has not been a change in the ruling Naadlath execution.

Source: FoxNews

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