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Increasing the number of new Muslims in Spain

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Increasing the number of new Muslims in Spain

افزایش تعداد تازه مسلمانان در اسپانیا shia muslim


The number of new Muslims in Spain is on the rise And most of them in the cities of the region, "al-Andalus" live.

The MASAF ,The trend of Islam in Spain, despite the problems faced by Muslims in the country,On the rise.

Accordingly,Although official statistics are not available, But more recent reports indicate an increase in the number of Muslims in Spain.

They say that the first generation of Muslims who believe in a society which has seen them looked skeptical, faced with many problems.

The report adds: New Most Muslims live in Spain in Andalusia regional cities And demanding their basic rights.

hanif scudiero, New Muslim Spain, said: The first generation of Muslims were good achievements We have been causing a state of almost perfect But as we continue to develop our rights And try to make things better.

In addition, most new Muslims say Spain Coexistence in the country is undeniable reality But in the face of inner grief speak Due to the hostile positions The extreme right is taken against Muslims.

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